Reasons to stay in Hervey Bay accommodation apartments

Going to Hervey Bay for business or leisure will be a better experience if you opt for Hervey Bay accommodation apartments. Why?

Accommodation apartments have become trendy because they offer the perfect temporary place solution for every traveler.

What are the reasons that could compel you to stay in holiday rental apartments by Aqua Aqua.


Home away from home

The comforts of home are with accommodation apartments. They include separate sleeping and living areas just like in your home. They are also equipped with all desirable entertainment gadgets from free Wi-Fi, TVs, music systems, a private telephone line, and DVDs.


More space

A hotel guest room offers little space. Accommodation apartments, on the other hand, are 30% spacious which provides the best solution for families travelling together.


Safe and secure premises

The standard practice of self-contained and private accommodations is to separate you from the noise and busyness of a place. Yet, not only will you be enjoying your serene surroundings, you stay protected as well with round-the-clock service and staff. Additionally, secure entry and a 24-hour CCTV makes the premises safe and secure all the time.


Fully-equipped kitchen

A fully-equipped kitchen is especially advantageous if you plan to stay in a place for a longer period. The washer/dryer, cooker, fridge, and dishwasher all serve their purposes to make life easier even when away from home. If you don’t feel like cooking, requesting the services of a private chef is quick and easy.


24/7 concierge service

24/7 concierge service is part and parcel of accommodation apartments. Being a master of organisation, the concierge has you covered for everything you need from theatre tickets, transportation, and even a home-cooked meal any time and all the time.



Hotels charge per person. Accommodation apartments, on the other hand, charge per apartment. This makes the stay in an accommodation apartment an excellent economical choice for travelling families. Longer stays are often given beneficial rates by accommodation apartments making them a cost-effective travel stay solution.


Housekeeping services

A hotel service plus all the comforts of home is probably the best part of staying in an accommodation apartment. With housekeeping services, expect a clean apartment throughout your stay without having to lift a finger. With daily linen changes, fresh sheets and towels are the added perks enjoyed in accommodation apartments.


Complete privacy

Booking your accommodation apartment allows you to relax, play, and work at any convenient time. The fear of disturbing your neighbours while you entertain family or friends does not become an issue with accommodation apartments.


Stocked with essentials

A welcome pack awaits you at your temporary home. Essentials such as toiletries, coffee, tea and more are generously stocked in the accommodation apartment as a way to make you feel relaxed after your trip.


Best accommodation experience

An accommodation apartment is the best way to enjoy a customised and exclusive experience like no other. Staying in an apartment that provides hotel service provides a unique accommodation experience for travellers that hotel rooms can never match.


Why choose a hotel stay when you can have the best travel experience in an accommodation apartment? The 24/7 security, service, and having your own private space in the middle of the city all become possible when you choose an accommodation apartment stay.