Darwin Fishing | Fishing around Darwin

Fishing in and around Darwin NT Northern Territory offers some of the best fishing experiences in the Top End of Australia. Listed here are Dinghi and Boat hire places, local fishing competitions, places and shops to purchase fishing supplies, equipment and tackle. Also listed are Fishing tours, charters and wharfs and jetties around Darwin to fish from.

Fishing Tackle

Lures, landing net, knife and a lure retrieving tool, tidal book, plenty of drinking water and fuel.

Fishing tackle supply shops and stores are in Darwin and Katherine with smaller outlets in Jabiru and Nhulunbuy. The staff are usually qualified and experienced anglers and know exactly what equipment is needed for various types of fishing in different locations.

Fishing Guides, Charters, Tours and Trips

The best way to catch a Barramundi is to hire a guide, go on a charter or tour. There are plenty listed in this website and trips vary to what you want to catch, where you want to go and for how long. Operators have custom Barra boats, know thetips and tricks, regulations on what types of barbs to use in particular areas, catch limits, etc so you can’t get in trouble with fisheries. Don’t limit yourself to Barra Fishing. There are fishing charters, tour and trips for fishing in creeks, rivers, estuaries, blue water, islands, game fishing, fly fishing etc. Many tour companies also include fishing trips.

You can hire your own boat or dinghi which usually comes fully equipped and delivered to the boat ramps to make your fishing trip more relaxing.
The local newspaper “The NT News” has Regular fishing reports and tidal times for the week.

January Temp – Very hot and humid. In the wet season in the Top End consists of monsoon showers which supply an incredible amount of rain fall in a short period of time with small amounts of rain between the monsoon troughs. This cause the rivers to swell but also allows fishermen to fish in between the monsoon troughs. This also causes regular run offs from the floodplains. This is the breeding season for frogs, tadpoles and other water creatures which are the main food source for the Barra. The run off usually occurs in March to May, so keep an eye on the January rainfall.

February Temp – Very hot and Humid. Most of the rain usually falls in February. The flood plains are flushing food into the rivers so it makes sense to fish when the rivers are falling. Fish in between monsoon troughs – there may be days or weeks in between monsoons.

March Temp – Very hot and humid. As the floodplains have been flowing for a while now, the water should be clear. The main rivers are discoloured. Barramundi can usually be found where the clear water from the run offs merge into the muddy coloured waters of the rivers. This is the best time of the year for catching Barramundi.

Most Top End Fishing competitions which include Barramundi are held between March, April and May which is an indication that these months are best for Barra Fishing.

April /May Temp – Hot. Barramundi get trapped in billabongs as the declining water levels cut them off from the rivers and creeks. Cast lures into the snags, rock bars and eddies. Trolling works well in the tidal rivers.

June / July Temp – Starting to cool down in June with less humidity. July is pleasant and humidity is low. This is not the best time for catching Barra. Trolling down deep, working the snags, rock bars, tidal run-offs, sinking soft plastic lures and jigs can still be successful.

August Temp – Starting to get hot, it is the end of the dry season and the beginning of the build-up.

September / October / November / December Temp – Getting hotter around October and extreme by November and December with the humidity increasing. Good barra fishing time as the fish are feeding. Shallow casting lures from a standing boat. Billabong fishing is good at this time but watch out for crocodiles.