Airport Transfers

How to Make Your Transport to your hotel hassle free

Planning to visit the Gold Coast from Darwin? Whether you are arriving for business or pleasure, there are many options for airport transfers to Gold Coast. However, if you are planning on booking a vehicle you have got to make sure of all of the following. Doing so would ensure a hassle free ride.

  • When making a booking ensure that you have mentioned the time clearly. It is also a good idea to make a booking in advance. This way you are sure that there is someone there to pick you up as soon as you arrive.
  • If in any case there is a change in the arrival of your time, you need to update the info as soon as possible. Often people aren’t aware of flight delays until they reach the airport. In any case, just make sure that you update the info to avoid confusion.
  • Always confirm with the local agent when talking about an airport transfer. This is a sure fire way of knowing that you won’t be left stranded. Though the team at airport transfer companies on the Gold Coast ensure that they are aware of your arrival details, there might be an error and a confirmation always reduces a chance of that error.
  • In case you are travelling with the elderly or a differently abled person, you have got to make provisions for that as well. There are definitely vehicles which can easily accommodate wheel chairs and stretchers. Just let the staff at the agency know of any special requirements.
  • When making a booking most agencies require you to make a full payment. Payment would differ for different modes of transportation. If you are signing up for a shuttle service, be aware that there would be others accompanying you on the trip to your hotel or accommodation.

  • If you are travelling with family it is advisable to choose a car big enough to accommodate your family as well as all the luggage.
  • If you are looking for discounts, there are few agencies which offer early bird discounts but you might have to make a booking well in advance and often cancellation would result in some form of penalty. So make sure you are prepared for that when availing an early bird discount.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that whether you would be charged per person simply as a payment for the whole family.
  • There is even an option for requesting baby car seats. Just let the agents at airport transfers Gold Coast in advance. If you are travelling with toddlers two years of age and below, putting them in a car seat is necessary.
  • Also keep in mind that if you are looking for a shuttle service you might have to wait longer because the shuttle picks up people arriving from a variety of flights. When travelling with family a shuttle service is not a very good idea because children tend to get cranky on air planes and further waiting could cause more discomfort.

For more information on airport transfers Gold Coast, make sure you contact an Airport Transfer Company.


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Mini-Bus Hire


Situated at the western border of Australia is one of the most isolated and one of the most livable cities in the whole world, Perth. Perth takes pride in its pristine beaches, picture-perfect coastlines, unsurpassed wineries, and rolling parklands. This capital city of Western Australia boasts places, foods, histories, culture, art, and biodiversity, that perfectly fits the hashtag destination goals and hashtag vacation goals. With a land area of around 6,500 sq. km., it would seem impossible to explore this beautiful city within your short but sweet vacation but fret no more for mini bus hire Perth is readily available to cater to your transportation needs in discovering all the things Perth has to offer. Here are some of the things to see and do within just a day thanks to the convenient mini bus for hire in Perth.

A tour in King’s Park

Perth’s King’s Park is the world’s largest inner park situated in a city even larger than New York’s Central Park. This history-rich site offers visiting tourists with a free walk to the park’s ponds and panoramic points with amazing views of the Darling Range and Swan River.

A walk at Cottesloe Beach

Sun chasers and salty air lovers have a wide range of options for pristine beaches all over Perth to choose from. Luckily, a pine-fringed beach is available in just a 15-minute drive right from the center proper of the city known as Cottesloe. It fames a blooming café culture and clear waters perfect for relaxing walks.

The Perth Mint

Both children and adults will surely have fun learning the history of melting gold in the whole Western Australia. Perth Mint is the home to the largest coin in the world. This melting house provide guided tours which includes a short showing of film about the history of Perth mint.

The Perth Zoo

There is just no age limit to who enjoys the Zoo. Just three kilometers away from the center of the city is the Perth Zoo. Visiting tourists can enjoy a fair share of the Australian Bushwalk through the zoo. Unique wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, and wombats are here.

The Art Gallery

Taking a minute walk from city center’s nearest train station is the Art Gallery that houses a rich collection of Australian art dating from 1829 to present and also some international art.

The Bell Tower

Visiting Perth will not be complete without experiencing one of the largest musical instrument in the world, the Bell Tower. Although shaped like a rocket or a spaceship, the Bell Tower is the home to the original bells from 14th-century Church of Saint Martin. Being in the Bell Tower also allows you a 360-degree view of the whole city. This beautiful place is accessible just from a five-minute walk from the city center.

Visiting these six awesome places in Perth is possible to complete within just a day through an organized tour and hiring a minibus to facilitate sight-seeing, helping you to save money and time.


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Car Rentals

What are the popular automobiles for Car hire Hervey Bay Airport?

Car hire at the Hervey Bay Airport embraces almost all of the car hire companies around the area, all of which aims to provide guaranteed cars at an affordable price. Airport is among of the leading pickup locations for car hire services as this place is the main point for travelers who booked for the service. Car hire at Hervey Bay airport interconnects you to the well-known brands and companies in Hervey Bay. There are also popular car brands at the Hervey Bay airport that most tourists requested for car hire. These cars are considered as a practical choice because it can easily be parked and are ideal when driving into bustling streets.

Among these cars is Hyundai l20 which is a supermini one and a kind of sporty. This car is ideal for those who travel alone or two. Hyundai l20 receives high ratings and recommendations. Another car which is also considered popular for car hires in Hervey Bay is Toyota Corolla. Aside from the fact that this car is best-selling from Toyota brand; it is also a sporty type but with an elegant exterior style and design. This car is really expensive and is good in all kinds of occasions and best as a travel buddy. You may opt to hire this car if Hyundai l20 is not available since it also receives recommendations and high customer satisfaction rate.

Another one from Toyota Corolla is Toyota Corolla Hatch. This car is preferable for travelers in group of 2 or 3. It is very well presentable and conditioned for long travel destinations. This car has low fuel consumption but comes with very powerful engine. This is really good for long drive. The last one from the lists of most wanted cars for hire is Nissan Almera. This car is also very effective, when driving along busy streets and a car fit for small group of travelers. These cars mentioned above are those considered economically demandable. The price is just right in terms of quality and service of these cars. There are also standard cars in high customer ratings.

These standard cars can accommodate 3 or more travelers because it is big in size that makes passengers more comfortable. But the price of these cars is a little bit high compare to economical cars. Standard cars are good when travelling together with families. But you may also opt to choose these cars by the way if you want a bigger one and if you’re planning to buy some stuff so you may have all the space you need. There are actually many more cars for you to choose from. There are some cars that cater more passengers like minivans good for travelling with group of friends. You can pick car hire for luxurious event too or can be a choice of being classy if you’re very much willing to pay for high rates. You just have to consider genuine facts from the car hire companies and of course always follow your preference.


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Why Not Take a Trip to Hervey Bay

Why Visit Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions due to a lot of sightseeing and activities available there. Thinking about visiting Hervey Bay, you can decide to spend few days but if you to embark on some trips from Hervey bay you may need to add extra days. There are lots of activities you can enjoy in Hervey Bay. Having access to a car will make your tour easier as well. Hervey Bay is a short drive or flight from the north of Brisbane.

Activities To Carry Out In Hervey Bay

Some activities available in Hervey Bay that engages the attention of most visitors is whale watching and visiting Fraser Island.

Whale watching

One of the main reason why people visit this tourist centre is to see or watch the whale. However, note that the whale watching service is not always available. This service is only available between July and October. If your main interest in Hervey Bay is to watch the whale you might need to plan your visit around that period. During the whale watching period, you can decide when you want your tour to be either in the morning or afternoon. You can as well swim with the whales to get close to them.

Fraser Island

There are lots of activities to enjoy on Fraser island which may require more than a day to achieve. An individual can also choose to visit the Fraser island right after the whale watching if you visit during the whale watching season. There are different options to choose from in order to visit Fraser Island. It will be best to plan ahead and make the most of such visits. Different prices for the different tours available can be accessed online.


Oceans Resort & Spa is Hervey Bays Premier Resort to stay in whilst you are in the area. The beautiful rooms overlook the esplanade with amazing views that will take your breath away. See for more information.

Free Activities In Hervey Bay

Apart from planning for the above-mentioned activities, there are also some things you can do in Hervey bay for free and they include:

  1. Relaxing on one the beaches in Hervey Bay. Spending time on the beach is pacific and worthwhile. The beach is still and quiet and it is not disturbed by waves and surfers like some other beaches. Families often enjoy this because they do not have to worry about their children’s safety in the water. You also see fishermen trying to catch fish during the day
  2. You can enjoy promenade walk in Hervey Bay. The pathway along which you can enjoy a promenade walk is up to fourteen kilometres from the eastern part of the city (Urangan Harbour) to the west (Breakers Bay). This pathway is one of the popular features of Hervey Bay you should experience. You can also hire a bike to enhance your trip through this pathway. There lots of side attractions located along the path such as pit stops for kids, cafes and shops etc.
  3. The Hervey Bay botanical gardens is also a lovely place for relaxing and spending quality time. Though the size may not be compared to large botanical gardens, it may be one of the best places to hold a picnic.
  4. Making out time to visit stores is another way to completely explore Hervey Bay. In fact, Hervey Bay is packed with many important markets including the koala market and the pier park family market.
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