Airport Transfers

How to Make Your Transport to your hotel hassle free

Planning to visit the Gold Coast from Darwin? Whether you are arriving for business or pleasure, there are many options for airport transfers to Gold Coast. However, if you are planning on booking a vehicle you have got to make sure of all of the following. Doing so would ensure a hassle free ride.

  • When making a booking ensure that you have mentioned the time clearly. It is also a good idea to make a booking in advance. This way you are sure that there is someone there to pick you up as soon as you arrive.
  • If in any case there is a change in the arrival of your time, you need to update the info as soon as possible. Often people aren’t aware of flight delays until they reach the airport. In any case, just make sure that you update the info to avoid confusion.
  • Always confirm with the local agent when talking about an airport transfer. This is a sure fire way of knowing that you won’t be left stranded. Though the team at airport transfer companies on the Gold Coast ensure that they are aware of your arrival details, there might be an error and a confirmation always reduces a chance of that error.
  • In case you are travelling with the elderly or a differently abled person, you have got to make provisions for that as well. There are definitely vehicles which can easily accommodate wheel chairs and stretchers. Just let the staff at the agency know of any special requirements.
  • When making a booking most agencies require you to make a full payment. Payment would differ for different modes of transportation. If you are signing up for a shuttle service, be aware that there would be others accompanying you on the trip to your hotel or accommodation.

  • If you are travelling with family it is advisable to choose a car big enough to accommodate your family as well as all the luggage.
  • If you are looking for discounts, there are few agencies which offer early bird discounts but you might have to make a booking well in advance and often cancellation would result in some form of penalty. So make sure you are prepared for that when availing an early bird discount.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that whether you would be charged per person simply as a payment for the whole family.
  • There is even an option for requesting baby car seats. Just let the agents at airport transfers Gold Coast in advance. If you are travelling with toddlers two years of age and below, putting them in a car seat is necessary.
  • Also keep in mind that if you are looking for a shuttle service you might have to wait longer because the shuttle picks up people arriving from a variety of flights. When travelling with family a shuttle service is not a very good idea because children tend to get cranky on air planes and further waiting could cause more discomfort.

For more information on airport transfers Gold Coast, make sure you contact an Airport Transfer Company.